YES we have a HUGE range…possibly the largest range of vacuum bags available anywhere in Australia!  We can't remember when we couldn't supply the bag required.


Bags are listed in alphabetical Vacuum Cleaner Brand order on the menu buttons above.


To find the right bag:    

·     Select the brand of your machine first by using the drop down menu

·     then scroll through to find your model.  Within the heading of your model, you'll see specified the exact bag you need to order.


If you can't find your vacuum cleaner Make and Model please contact us for assistance.


We aim at speedy supply, but delivery may take up to 14 days depending on your location.


Please Note:

A substitute brand might be used in the case of generic brands. Only original bags will be supplied where stated.


Hi Fill Synthetic bags are mentioned throughout, these are the latest type of bag using Hi filtration synthetic material which performs better than any paper-type. Even when sucking up powder such as concrete or gyprock dust  - these bags will not lose suction like the paper-bags do.


Don't forget - FREE delivery Australia-wide!